Stark Aviation provides a variety of training options, from FITS King Air recurrent to specialized Line Operational Safety Audits.

King Air Recurrent Training is performed under an FAA FITS accepted and insurance approved syllabus for all King Air Models.  Stark Aviation changed to the FAA FITS syllabus in 2008 and have been training using the FITS principles allowing us to provide excellent training without the hassle of our clients spending three or four days in a hotel, being forced to sit through the same ground school year after year, and then spending expensive time to learn the idiosyncrasies of that particular simulator. Instead we provide Computer Based Training either in person or by this website. Once our clients complete the CBTs, they contact us and schedule their aircraft training in their own airplane at their convenience. We travel to the client and usually spend about one hour in the aircraft. Our motto is “Train the way you fly”.

Line Oriented Safety Audits (LOSA) are performed with permission of the appropriate FAA FSDO and are available for all models of aircraft. Please contact us to arrange permission and schedules.

All of our training exceeds FAA requirements and is Insurance approved



What Our Customers Are Saying:

I recently hired Stark Aviation Services for my annual King Air Training.  Noteworthy was the attention to detail of systems review, as well as the actual flight training.  Stark Aviation Services was very thorough and professional in all aspects of the training event.  They were able to accomplish my King Air 350 recurrent training, as well as differences training in the King Air 200, and 90 series in a timely fashion, and at a very competitive price.  In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about training in the actual airplane since most underwriters insist on simulator based training.  However, the underwriters approved the course without question, and the convenience of training out of my home base as opposed to having to travel, speaks for itself.  In closing, for those who would have the ability to train in the actual aircraft they fly, I highly recommend Stark Aviation Services.

Ken Kaiser

ATP  CFII/MEI  B-737, BE-300, CE-500, CE-525S, CE-560XL, IA-Jet

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