What is FITS?

FITS LOGOA one size fits all training approach best describes the current general aviation training paradigm whether in a single engine or twin engine aircraft. In early 2001 the FAA began a collaboration with General Aviation aircraft and avionics manufactures, as well as training providers. This new training regimen has been dubbed FITS (FAA, Industry Training Standards), which is similar to the airline LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) which is now considered doctrine in that community.  This Scenario Based training concept is now emerging in the general aviation training community. This training approach, when coupled with state-of-the-art training devices and curricula, would be ideally suited to preparing general aviation pilots for operation in an increasingly complex NAS (National Airspace System).  In particular, it could provide an effective bridge between the training environment and the actual environment pilots will experience.  The concept also provides a way for trainees to integrate various phases of flight operation.  Rather than, for example, conducting practice instrument approaches repeatedly, scenario-based training may enable a pilot to experience the complete transition from enroute to terminal to approach operations.

FITS products are non-regulatory and incentive driven. FITS is focused on the redesign of general aviation training. Instead of training pilots to pass practical test, FITS focuses on expertly manage real-world challenges. Scenario based training is used to enhance the GA pilotsaeronautical decision making, risk management, and single pilot resource management skills. We do this without compromising basic stick and rudder skills.

The aviation insurance community has embraced the concept of greater standardization in training, and are willing to give premium credits (read money) or better coverage to pilots who train under this type of program.  The ultimate goal of the FAA with the FITS program is to help you become a better and safer pilot using incentives such as greater convenience, more relevant training, and lowered costs.

To this end Stark Aviation Services has designed recurrent curriculums for all King Air aircraft and has received FAA FITS approval. This allows us to greatly reduce your out of pocket cost and down time for recurrent training. All Stark Aviation ground training is done online, on DVD as CBT (computer based training) or one on one.  The flight portion will consist of one hour in your aircraft at your home location.


What Our Customers Are Saying:

I recently hired Stark Aviation Services for my annual King Air Training.  Noteworthy was the attention to detail of systems review, as well as the actual flight training.  Stark Aviation Services was very thorough and professional in all aspects of the training event.  They were able to accomplish my King Air 350 recurrent training, as well as differences training in the King Air 200, and 90 series in a timely fashion, and at a very competitive price.  In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about training in the actual airplane since most underwriters insist on simulator based training.  However, the underwriters approved the course without question, and the convenience of training out of my home base as opposed to having to travel, speaks for itself.  In closing, for those who would have the ability to train in the actual aircraft they fly, I highly recommend Stark Aviation Services.

Ken Kaiser

ATP  CFII/MEI  B-737, BE-300, CE-500, CE-525S, CE-560XL, IA-Jet

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